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The project description
  • Published January 2021
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The 5 Ws Free The Limbic

Who: The training courses are for people who want to work more often in their flow states. People who need to decrease their stress level and need high concentration at work to create new strategies. The courses are for managers and leaders who need to balance interpersonal conflicts with employees on a daily basis and want to become better in communication and conflict management.

What: A remote online seminar is integrated in the daily life of the user. Within 30 minutes every week, the participant receives meaningful input for their personal reflection and development and directly creates own experiences in applying those principles.

When: The product will be used Monday mornings before the stress of the week kicks in. It will be used in every surrounding, at home or on a commute and enables an integrated combination of learning and experiencing. The trainings last 66 days in order to create a habit for the user.

Where: Users can easily access the training online via channels such as youtube or edx

Why: People who want to grow personally and professionally often spend weekends or weeks in retreats to learn the perfect world in a bubble. The main problem of most participants is to translate their learnings into reality. Free the limbic overcomes the knowing-doing gap by supporting users within their daily environment.

“Free the limbic supports you from knowing how to feel more balanced and productive at work to really doing it on a regular basis. For that we support you from understanding to experiencing it up to ongoing experiences that form natural habits for you.”