About the project information
TitanzDAO is a 40K collection founded by EddyisKongz with the goal to incentivize and support builders and content creators to deliver quality work by expanding NFT security, utility, safety, education through community voting and involvement. The TitanzDAO will reward holders with tokens for 10 years.
Project the Acropolis
Services Web design
Client Crypto Titanz Team
Welcome to Elysium - A New World

All mortals that pass the gates of Elysium are welcome. This is a place made for builders and creators where your imagination and hope for what you want to create will always be supported. Elysium will reward those who continue building and using their creativity to bring happiness to the World. Elysium is the World you decide it to be; Welcome to paradise.

The NFT What is the overall look?

The Titanz collection gives hope and a sense of identity to people of the 23rd Century that they can rebuild and experience thier own Renaissance. The group of artists and historians write the following to all that enter Elysium where the Titanz collection is held digitally:


The TitanzDAO eco-system will run Titanz Contract that yields .25 token every 24 hours per NFT for each holder and enables the token claiming. The TitanzDAO will enable all users to vote on proposals, vote on bounties and incentives for security, and essentially use the DAO funds to fund builders and content creators to innovate.

Titanz Token

The $Titanz token will be designed to be used within the TitanzDAO eco-system. With 10K tokens produced each day, there will be 36,500,000 tokens produced over a 10-year contract.

Community Proposals

Community proposals on the building will be like monthly hackathons. The community will vote with tokens on what they want to be built, what content they want to be produced and will set a vote on compensation for those who are able to complete the task. The top teams will be awarded according to a community vote.


All TitanzDAO NFT collection will have different rarity. All yield the same amount of tokens to keep voting fair for holders. It’s up to you what aesthetics you would like for your PFP. Golden Titanz – 10% of the supply Silver Titanz – 15% of the supply Bronze Titanz – 20% of the supply Mortal Titanz – 55% of the supply