Sowing real estate seeds
CONUCO is a real estate service solutions company based on USA. One of my latest project. Watch the project
Date: February 2022
client: Mauricio Rojas
industry: Real Estate
“I’ll see a house on Instagram then go to Google Maps to try to find the house using street view, then go to Zillow to look up what it’s currently worth, who bought it and historical price data,”
The Challenge

Real estate websites, in the U.S, get approximately 3.2M daily visits from people who are in search of their first house, vacation home, investment property, or just dreaming about a future home. The experience and decision process these people face to buy, rent, sell or dream about real estate is clunky, siloed, and lonely.

The Approach

CONUCO give users in depth understanding of (a) area characteristics for specific neighborhoods, (b) real estate landscape, (c) property appreciation opportunities, (d) sound financial guidance (P&L).

Getting in contact with vetted providers for RE services is painful and time consuming process.

Interact with friends, spouses, real estate agents, designers, architects, loan institutions, providers (just like you do in any social media platform).

CONUCO empowers users to have an interactive experience in the real estate market, while helping them to improve & accelerate decision making process. CONUCO
Heni Hcini

Working is a pleasure, but responding to my client's requirements and converting the vision into a well designed artwork is a challenge. And I love this challenge!